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UK Bingo News

The game of bingo has a very long history. Bingo has it’s roots in an Italian lottery style game that was popular back in the 1500s. Through the centuries, bingo has evolved into the game that it is today. Just as the internet has changed the way the world communicates, it has also changed the way we play bingo.

Online bingo sites were first seen in the mid-1990s and in the last decade have really seen a tremendous growth. Nowhere is bingo more popular than right here in the UK. Many of the biggest names in bingo, both online and off, are based in the UK such as Mecca Bingo and Gala Bingo. While the local bingo halls are being hit by the recession and other factors that are causing a decline in players and revenues, online bingo sites are seeing phenomenal increases.

The entire bingo demographic is changing right before our eyes. Where it once was deemed the province of elderly grandmothers in local villages, online bingo is appealing to a younger market. Although it is still often known as a woman’s pastime, online bingo has begun to be more attractive to the male of the species, as well. With the growing numbers of life-changing jackpot amounts, it is no wonder that the appeal has broadened.

Online bingo is still in the evolutionary process. After all, with only about 15 years of existence, the industry is still new and changes are still being seen. With the technological advances in the structure of the internet and the software programs being created, what we are seeing now in the UK online bingo market is just the beginning.

With this explosive proliferation of online bingo sites giving UK players a huge selection of games and sites to play at, it can be a bit tough to know where the best places to play can be found. Jackpots are growing, promotions are getting bigger and splashier and new games are being created all the time. Just how are online bingo fans supposed to keep up?

That just became a whole lot easier because you can just bookmark this page and follow along while we scour the net to find the all the UK bingo news that really matters. You will be able to find the best promotions here every week. We will also share the best new bonus offers, new UK online bingo site launches, jackpot news and anything newsworthy about the entire UK bingo industry.

Get Your Sparkle On With Glitter Bingo Freebies Saturday, September 15th, 2018

Glitter Bingo Is a virtual gaming hall under ownership of 8Ball Games. The site uses Dragonfish software. It is a December 2012 launch that has shown a lot of sparkle among the many online bingo halls to choose from. Glitter Bingo was a holiday launch in 2012. All that glitter and glitz keeps holiday cheer going year-round. Read the rest of this entry »

Exciting New Bingo Hall Launches Yay Bingo Wednesday, August 15th, 2018

Yay Bingo Hall is brand new on the scene. This April 2018 launch is part of the holdings of Tau Gaming. The site operates using the popular Dragonfish software. It is a fun place for bingo players to game, earn new player rewards and stay for loyalty bonuses. Play bingo games with friends and explore this exciting stand out online bingo hall . Read the rest of this entry »

Season Bingo has a vibrant Christmas theme. However, the site is open for year-round game play. The site has a fun Santa Claus theme. The cheery Christmas vibe appeals to fans around the world. Options such as 75 ball bingo and 90 ball bingo bring in a diverse crowd to create a cool community of players. Engage in this environment as a legal adult over the age of 18. Season Bingo brings the cheer with the bingo session. Read the rest of this entry »

Five years into their online presence this site has excellent player satisfaction. Elf Bingo is a December 2013 launch. The site provides a platform with low ticket prices and initial deposit requirements. This allows newbies to enjoy the fun without a lot of investment. It also offers economical entertainment for the avid bingo gamer on a budget. Read the rest of this entry »

Seamus is the Lucky Leprechaun. He is the mascot of the Pots of Luck online bingo hall. This festive, themed site offers exciting online game play. This is a site from Nektan Gibraltar. It is a July 2016 launch with a couple of years of experience under the belt. Read the rest of this entry »

Kelly’s Eye Bingo is an October 2015 launch. The site is on Cozy games platform. It is also part of the Best Bingo Network. The low buy ins and no deposit free bingo games often tout this site as cheap. The thing is, Kelly’s Eye Bingo puts the rewards in your pocket. It doesn’t waste overhead on bangs and whistles with no substance. In this case, cheap means inexpensive and rewarding. Read the rest of this entry »

Dublin People Bingo is a September 2017 launch. This new Cozy Games site offers exciting rewards and extensive bingo gaming sessions. This online bingo hall has two bingo rooms just for free gaming sessions. Read the rest of this entry »

Aunt Bev’s Bingo Launches Into 2018 Thursday, February 15th, 2018

Aunt Bev’s Bingo is a new online bingo hall that came out December 2017. The official launch continues into 2018. Get in on the action now when bingo game offers, and rewards are hot for new players. Read the rest of this entry »

Betway Bingo is a fun site to get free promotional bingo bucks. As a new player you receive a €30 no deposit bonus. Bingo halls that accept euros are growing in popularity. Betway Bingo is one where you get to opt in to a no deposit bonus. The €30 no deposit bonus offer is time sensitive. Players must check off a box during registration to activate the promotional bonus. Read the rest of this entry »

Tip Top Bingo is a March 2016 launch. The site uses the Dragonfish Platform. It is part of the holdings of Stride Gaming. Not even a full year into play, the site is a runner-up for Which Bingo’s Best New Online Bingo Site 2017. Read the rest of this entry »