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Spectra Bingo Review

Spectra BingoSpectra Bingo is one part of a four part gaming operation that includes Bingo, Casino games, Poker and Lotto. The gaming coverage is complete with this operation. The bingo side is excellent with many games to choose from in card prices and jackpots. The bingo site does offer table games and slots in a modest configuration for those bingo players that want an option to play for a break.

Spectra BingoWhen a new player registers an account, they receive 20 free bingo cards. When they first fund an account the deposit is matched 100% and further deposits are matched up to 50%. The game choices the player gets to choose between are many varied patterns and the way the jackpot is handled. Keeping the promotions live, interesting and with significant prizes will help to keep-up the player involvement. It is critical to any bingo site that the registered players keep returning to play. Great game choices are a way to make this happen and Spectra does it in spades.

Chat Room play is extremely popular on most bingo sites. Spectra has many games in this category. Once the game cards are purchased, the player is protected even if their Internet connection is broken. The cards play whether the player is online or not.

The prizes that can be won on the Spectra Bingo site are not limited to cash, but in the past have been cruise ship vacations, an entire kitchen utensil group or what ever the management fancies. Cash is always nice, but prizes that have real value or the players would like to win bring interest to the site and make players keep returning to play. This site seems to be player oriented and that is always a welcome situation for bingo players.


Bonuses on deposits are solid with the first deposit getting a nice matching bonus of 100%. Subsequent deposits are matched at 50%. The player can receive this extra money on deposits, which will help to make the gaming stake go further.


Spectra Bingo Games

The bingo games come in all patterns and card price ranges. The side games are table games and slots with some very large jackpots. Spectrabingo also offers a million pound game that is very difficult to win as the number of call the bingo must come in are not likely to happen.

SpectraBingo Deposit Methods

Deposit methods include Visa, MasterCard, Maestro and Neteller to name a few.

Withdrawal Methods

Withdrawals can be made using the same methods that the player used to make the deposit. In some cases the credit cards cannot be used. Withdrawal rules should be read for any site the player is considering, as they are not the same from site to site.

Customer Support

Support is available by phone or email.

Spectra Bingo Loyalty Program

The loyalty program has the common elements found on most sites such as special loyalty point games, use the points to buy merchandises or convert to cash.



Spectra Bingo is a very complete bingo site and well worth the trial to see if it is a fit for a new player. The bonus and loyalty program are excellent features that would make most players happy with the benefit to them when playing on the site. The jackpots are better than average in both the bingo games and the slot games. Other features are a very professional staff that is well-trained and friendly to players. There is little to knock about this site, as the site owners are experienced gaming operators. Try the site for yourself to see if you like it for your play.

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