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Virgin Bingo Review

Virgin BingoVirgin Bingo has both 75-ball and 90-ball bingo games. The promotions range in value from daily games up to monthly games. The fewer times a month the promotions runs the bigger the prize to the winning player.

They run a new player bonus program and do allow on occasion reload bonuses that help existing players get more bang for the buck. The site also has other games that are not related to bingo in any way. These include slots, table games and progressive slots. The slots let players that have a lucky feeling to see if it is for real or just a wish. The experienced bingo player knows that bingo, as well as slots depend on sheer luck to win. A lucky feeling may be all the incentive a player needs to try a few spins and be amply rewarded with a jackpot.

Virgin BingoThe casino games are numerous and give the player a choice of solid casino games to choose from. The Blackjack can be played three hands at a time and the Video Poker includes a favorite called Deuces Wild. These side games provide the bingo player a temporary diversion form the bingo play.

Chat Room bingo is extremely popular on all bingo sites and there is no exception on Virgin Bingo. Bingo and socializing go hand in hand. Chat Room bingo allows a player to participate in both at the same time. Many players always enjoy the combination.

One play that many players miss in bingo is look for games with guaranteed prizes with a low player attendance. Fewer players will usually mean fewer cards for the winner to compete against. Cutting the odds down is always a smart idea in any form of gaming. Another suggestion is buy a reasonable number of cards per game and do not go crazy with card purchases.


Virgin Bingo offers up to £125 at 100% in a matching bonus to new players opening a real money account. Later deposits may get a bonus if the reload matching is in effect.


Virgin Bingo Games

Bingo is the main reason to play on this site and the other games are just there to keep bingo fatigue from causing a player to leave early in their play. By using these side games as a diversion the site keeps players online longer. The side games include slots, progressive slots, Blackjack and Video Poker.

VirginBingo Deposit Methods

Deposit methods are somewhat standard in that they include Visa, MasterCard, Neteller and Solo. If these are not methods that you prefer contact the cashier and see if other arrangements can be made.

Withdrawal Methods

In many cases the same methods can be used for withdrawals. It is suggested that the new player read the withdrawal rules on any new site as the rules are different from sits to site.

Customer Support

Customer support is done 24/7 via free phone, Chat Room Monitors and email.

Virgin Bingo Loyalty Program

Virginbingo Game has a loyalty program that is designed to reward active players with points that can be used to play special games and converted for cash. The more a player plays, the more points they are given for their activity.


Virgin Bingo has many aspects that make it worthwhile to try the site. The scheduled games have a wide range of prizes and card prices. This means there is a game for just about any player who shows up at the site looking for a game to play. The side games are an excellent selection of casino games and table games. Try the site and make your own decision.

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