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Yahoo Bingo Review

Yahoo Bingo Yahoo Bingo is a unique site that comes to the public by the big email provider and search engine giant, Yahoo. In addition to the Yahoo association, this site is also a member of the St. Minver group. With both of these respected companies in the family, one would expect the site to be well run, have decent graphics, provide good games and some big jackpot games. This is exactly what you find when visiting this bingo site.

Yahoo BingoThe new player is given trial money of £1 to try the site without making any deposit. When the player does make a deposit it is matched up to 100% or £125. This is a respectful bonus for a good bingo site. Once the player is fully in play on the site, they will see daily promotions that give the chance for a player to win some nice prizes. Another big advantage offered for players that are chat bingo lovers is the number of chat games. Yahoo Bingo is a well-known name in Internet circles and this attracts players to the site with their name in prominent display. The connection to St. Minver is just icing on the cake as a further reason to give the site a tumble.

Variety of games on the site is a big factor for staying and playing once a player tries the site. The list of games that are up for play is easy to keep track of as the schedule is posted well in advance of the games starting time.

Loyalty Points are awarded to active players that give the site a decent amount of play. These points can then be used to buy cards, gain entry in special games and get Loyalty Point prizes. This free award is a nice thank you from Yahoo Bingo for playing on the site.

Deposit and withdrawal methods

Yahoo Bingo GamesDeposit methods are similar to other Minver connected sites in that group. These methods include Visa, MasterCard, Moneybookers and Neteller to give a player an idea of what is available.

Withdrawing money can be done by these same means. Neteller seems to be a favorite for this activity as the access to withdrawn funds is very quick. Make sure to read the rules for withdrawals.

Customer Support

Customer support is a critical aspect of any gaming site. This service at Yahoo Bingo is open 24/7 with access by phone or email. The staff is well trained and can usually answer most questions put to them.

Games offered on the YahooBingo site

YahooBingo gives the players a huge range of games to play on their site. The bingo games can be picked from regular small jackpot games to super large prize games. Special events are the norm on this bingo site. Promotions are only limited by the management’s imagination and that is not a negative in this case.

Other games that are found on the Yahoo Bingo site include many casino type games and fun games. Keno and Scratch Cards are offered as a different type of entertainment for players to pursue.

Several days of the week are celebrated by special promotions that are offered on that day each week. Any excuse for a promotion is taken advantage of by the promotion managers.


Yahoo Bingo has a great deal going for it in that the site is associated with Yahoo and St. Minver Both of these associations are with well-known companies and this gives immediate creditability to the bingo site. There is plenty to see on the site and try out by new and old players.

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