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Bingo Rules

Before you decide to play online bingo make sure you know the rules of the game. There are two types of 75-ball bingo that you can play online and they are called Straight and Point Bingo. These two types of bingo may seem very much alike but there are some characteristics that are specific for each type. Both types of 75-ball bingo are played with a bingo card that has a 5x5 grid filled with numbers from 1 to 75. The central square is left free and is considered already marked, while the remaining 24 numbers are distributed in the rows and columns in an order. The first column contains random numbers between 1 and 15, the second column random numbers between 16 and 30, and so on until the fifth column and up to the number 75.

Straight Bingo

In straight bingo the player must mark off the numbers on the bingo card that follow a preset shape or pattern. There is a big variety of patterns that can go from a straight line to quite complicated shapes. Once the caller, also called the bingo master, has drafted a number, it will appear. The player must then cover it on the card with the dauber.

To cover the numbers on the bingo cards players must be very careful and listen to the caller, otherwise they may miss the number. In online bingo this is made a bit easier since the last 5 called numbers constantly appear on the screen. Once a player claims to have covered the required pattern and hit bingo, the caller will use a check card and table to validate the numbers and confirm bingo. This validation is necessary because sometimes players can commit mistakes. If the card does not have the called number it is called a “no play” card. In case the card is not correct the player must leave the game. Again, in online bingo things are much easier, especially if you turn on the feature that daubs the numbers automatically as they are called. Using this feature also allows you to play with more bingo cards. As in the classic bingo, in online bingo each card is unique and every player has the same chance of winning. After each bingo a new session starts, and for each new round the player will get new bingo cards.

Point Bingo

Point bingo is played is the same as the straight bingo. The player marks off the numbers on the bingo card as they are called by the caller hoping to cover the desired pattern. The thing that makes this a different type of game is the goal. The game does not end when a player covers the pattern but when he accumulates 1,000 points. After a player has covered the pattern of the desired shape the numbers are added together and noted under the player’s identification number. The player is not represented by his name but by a number that has been assigned to him.

There are certain patterns that are worth more than others. Central Bingo is a diagonal pattern that passes through the central square of the bingo card and is worth double the sum of the numbers within the pattern. Double Bingo will earn you a bonus of extra 100 points. A double bingo is when a player hits bingo by marking off all the numbers in one column and one row. The player will get the points that are the sum of the numbers in the row and in the column plus the above mentioned 100 points.