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Bingo Strategy

Bingo is a very easy game to play and the two most popular varieties of the game are the 75-ball bingo and the 90-ball bingo. The first one is played in the USA, while the other one is more popular in the UK, in parts of Europe, Australia, and South Africa. Today the game is available world wide through the online bingo halls. The website version is trying to come as close to the real game as possible offering features such as chat as a norm. The reason why online bingo is so popular is because they developers did a great job in maintaining the basic elements that make it a fun game while adding some new features such as the auto daub that make you play easier.

What most players want to know is if there is a strategy on how to win at online bingo. The fact is that bingo, online or not, is a chance game that cannot be won with a specific strategy. Whoever offers you the solution on how to win, and asks you money for it, is a fraud. However, there are some very easy and free strategies that can increase your chances of winning.

The first thing to do is to understand the rules of bingo well. A player can have one or more cards, and each card is unique and has the same chances of hitting bingo. There are games, numbers and cards that can give you a bigger prize, so make sure you find out if they are offered on the website you are playing.

Analyse the bingo hall to find out which room has the least amount of players and the best prizes, and only then start playing. Planning is always the first step to a good game. The next thing to do is to decide how much money or how many cards you want to play in one day, and stick to it. If you get in a loosing streak it may help you decide to call it for the day, and if you start winning it will stop you while you are still ahead. Remember that like all gaming business, in bingo the house is always ahead.

Once the game has started you have to mark off the numbers on the cards with the dauber. Most online bingo halls offer the auto daub and beginners should use it at first to make sure they didn’t miss any number. They can practice their reflexes and skills on the websites that offer free bingo until they are sure they can stay alert and daub a number every 10 seconds which is the approximate time between the balls. Another thing you should turn on is the automatic announcement of bingo, because it can happen that you have the winning combination but don’t announce it on time and miss the prize.

Experienced players should decide if they want to play online bingo for the fun and thrill of it or for the money that they can win. If they are playing because they love bingo and enjoy playing it then they should keep the number of the cards at the minimum. More cards mean more confusion and it is much harder to pay attention and daub the numbers. In stead of winning, more cards can bring you frustration after you find out that you missed a number. If they play for the money they should buy more cards and let the auto daub system do all the work, while they can chat.

Whatever your tactic is, the most important thing is that you have fun and enjoy yourself, and ultimately log out at least as happy as you were when you logged in.