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Bingo Tips

Bingo is a very popular game worldwide, and one of the reasons for it is probably that winning is not the highlight of the game. Hoping to win is what makes it exciting, but there is so much fun playing it and interacting with other players that winning becomes secondary. Even though bingo is a game of luck and there is no certain recipe how to win, there are certain things you should do to improve your chances of winning.

  • Pick a bingo room with a relatively small number of players in it. Less players in a bingo room means less confusion, and confusion can decrease your chances of winning.

  • Practice playing bingo as often as you get a chance. You can choose to practice on free online bingo websites, or you can join various tournaments and try new ways of playing. You should read forums and blogs to learn about other people’s experience, but the most effective way is to chat with other players. Remember that your reflexes will improve better through practice with the auto daub off.

  • Bingo balls that are of a different colour that the other balls are called the bingo bonus balls. Make sure you are on a lookout for these bonus bingo balls because they can bring you extra prizes. These balls make a change only if you win. In case you hit bingo, and in the pattern that you covered one of the numbers is from the bonus bingo ball, you will receive an additional prize. In case you don’t win, a bonus bingo ball doesn’t’ mean anything.

  • If you already know how to play well, choose games with the maximum price of the bingo card, because these games as usually the ones with the highest winnings. For example the biggest jackpots are always given away in the rooms with the most expensive cards and the most difficult pattern such as the blackout pattern. You may have to invest a little more at the beginning but the outcomes can be very profitable.

  • Read online bingo reviews. This way you will make sure you are going to be playing on a legitimate online bingo hall that has a good reputation before opening an account. Most of the reviews are written by experienced bingo players that will give you an impartial advice and help you avoid scams.

  • Play bonus bingo games. Just like the bonus bingo balls can bring you extra cash if you win, bonus bingo games can increase your prizes. If your preferred online bingo hall offers these games make sure you give them a try.

  • If you don’t want to turn the auto daub on then we recommend you go for the quality in stead than the quantity. With fewer cards you will be able to play a better game and control the numbers. It would be a shame to notice you had bingo but did not daub the card because you did not see it in time. On the other hand, if you want to play only to try and win letting all the fun out of the game purchase as many cards as you can and play with auto daub system. You should however calculate if the possible prize is worth buying all the 250 bingo cards, as some websites offer.

  • Know when to quit. If you are on a loosing streak playing one game after the other won’t help. Take a break, and come back after a while to see if your luck has turned. If you are on a winning streak don’t get greedy and exit the game while you’re still winning, because luck can turn for you as well.