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Online Bingo F.A.Q.

What is an online bingo card?

An online bingo card is an online card that contains the numbers the player needs to mark off to win the game. Depending on the variation of the online bingo you are playing, the numbers on the card can go from 1 to 75 or to 90. In the 75-ball bingo the bingo card will have a 5x5 grid filled with numbers plus a central blank square. In the 90-ball bingo the card will have 3 rows with 5 numbers in each, and 9 columns. You can purchase sometimes up to 250 bingo cards at once for the same game. You can buy them by clicking on the button that says “buy cards“, and there is usually a minimum of 60 seconds time between each game.

What is a game variation?

There are 2 types of bingo, the 75-ball and the 90-ball bingo, The 75-ball bingo has two variations, one is the straight bingo and the other is the point bingo. In straight bingo player wins when he marks off the desired pattern, while in point bingo he has to reach 1000 points by covering several patterns.

Are my credit card details safe?

Legitimate bingo websites by norm pay extra attention to the security of the personal and financial data that a player submits via Internet to open an account or make any king of financial transactions. Player’s credit cards are processed through a secure server, while the data is submitted on pages protected by the encryption technology that allows access only to authorized personnel. The encryption technology used is 128Bit Encryption/SLL Encryption.

Can I close the chat room?

Some online bingo halls offer players the possibility to close the chat tab so that they wouldn't be distracted during the game, while on other websites that option is not available.

Is there a bingo game schedule?

Game schedules are very common practice and they are offered on most websites. There you can find out all the essential information on the game such as the price of the bingo card, the minimum purchase amount, the maximum amount of cards, the schedule of the game and the type of pattern will be played. You can usually find this on the online bingo sites chat game schedule.

Do I have to sign up to receive information?

This largely depends on the website's policy. For some websites you will have to sign up to receive the newsletter, and for others this is automatic but with the option to stop receiving the newsletter if you do not want it. Keep in mind that no matter which if you willingly signed up to receive the newsletter, most email accounts will automatically send the newsletter right to the spam folder because it comes from an online gambling website.

Do I have to sign any contracts or agreements?

Before making a deposit the website will normally ask a player to read the rules and conditions policy of the website. After you have read the rules you can choose to agree to them or not, in which case your account will be cancelled.

What if there is more than one winner?

In case of a multiple win the prize is evenly divided between the winning cards. This means that is there are 3 winning cards and 3 players they will each get a third of the prize. However if two of these cards belong to one player, he will get two thirds of the prize.

If I lose connection, will my cards still play?

In most online bingo halls the software is programmed in a way that in case your internet connection fails in the middle of the game your cards will still be played till the end. If you win the prize will be deposited on your account.