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Internet Bingo Review

Internet Bingo Internet Bingo is a different kind of online bingo site that has some very unique features that are not routinely found on other online bingo sites. The site offers many free bingo games with very small prizes and some with no prizes that are played just for fun. There are other bingo games that have cards that are purchased and then have real prizes to be won. This site is excellent for non-bingo playing players to learn how to play bingo at an online site. The games are offered with no risk for the players to learn on and have the fun of playing bingo.

The red background id a little disconcerting at first, but the color begins to get to you after a few hours of free play. The software used to run the site is very easy to navigate about the site and takes little time to learn what is needed to play the games that the player picks. The site learning curve is basically non-existent.

Internet BingoThe only requirement for a player to play here is that they register and open an account. There is no deposit requirement or fees to play for free. The player can stay a free player as long as they want and win many of the better prizes, like I pods, trips, vacations or a plasma TV. The site is sponsored by real money bingo sites that allow pennies won at Internet Bingo to be used to play on the sponsor’s site. This is a way to get to some cash prizes that may be what the player is after all the time.


The bonuses as such are free games with the possibility to use the pennies won to play on some of the sponsor sites. The play is great for those that just want to play bingo and not worry about winning or losing money.


As one would expect, the games include many patterns of bingo both free and with a card cost. The other casino games are there for the player’s pleasure.

The types of games include Single-line Slots, Multi-line Slots, Video Slots, Blackjack, Table Poker, Caribbean Poker, Craps, Roulette and Keno.

Internet Bingo Deposit Methods

These methods are accepted and include Visa Credit Card, MasterCard, Neteller, Citadel, Central Coin, Western Union, Bank Wire Transfer and Nexum Financial.

Withdrawal Methods

The same methods are used for withdrawals except some credit cards.

Customer Support

Customer support is handled via email or Live Chat. The chat way is the quickest way to get answers.

Internet Bingo Loyalty Program

There is no loyalty program as such on this site.


This bingo site is very different than any other bingo site on the Internet. Free games with all kind of prizes are not the usual fare on most bingo sites. The pennies that are paid on some of the free games are really like vouchers when they are used in money games on the sponsor sites. The free game prizes are amazing when considering the risk the player had to take to win the prize. The prizes are won risk free since there is not cost for game cards.

The sponsor games are a variety to bingo games that have real money cost in the afore mentioned pennies and prizes that can be won by using up the pennies won on Internet Bingo. This off the wall idea has caught on with many players and the site keeps growing in player count as the bingo players learn about the site. Bingo for bingo sake is an unusual idea for most bingo players, but it does seem to attract some players.

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